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Born in Udine in 1963, he lives ans works in Padua. His works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Italy and abroad. He collaborates with literary journals such as Panta (Bompiani) and Nuovi Argomenti (Mondadori). His photographs accompany the stories by Marco Mancassola in the book Il ventisettesimo anno published in 2005 (Minimumfax). Subsequently he devoted much of his activity to filmmaking (Omissis, I frutti del fuoco, Carol Rama-Novanta). Some of this film took part and were finalist in a number of cinema festivals. His photo portraits illustrate the monographs on contemporary artists published by Allemandi.In 2009 he was in Berlin for the exhibit “…ergo…” at the Kunsthaus Tacheles. That same year he filmed an interwiev with the great artist Antonio Lopez Garcia. In 2011 the Vittoriale degli Italiani commissioned him the docu-film Sebastiano.


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